What is PINboat?

    The Gulf of California Marine Program (GCMP) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) presents PINboat, a citizen science effort that aims to educate the public about fishing activities and impact. Using satellite images, PINboat users can help count vessels anywhere in the world’s oceans by “pinning” boats within these images. These pins are geographically tagged, allowing researchers to track boat traffic and fishing. Together we can better understand how we use the world’s oceans.

Why are small-scale fisheries important?

Roughly 80% of global fisheries are fully or over exploited and continue to decline. To conserve these fish stocks, we need to know how much people fish and where. While we know this information about large-scale fishing industries that have sophisticated tracking technologies, the whereabouts of small-scale fishing remain elusive. These small-scale fisheries extract one third of the total landed fishery biomass globally and half of the total biomass used for human consumption. Thus, we need to understand where these fishers operate to estimate the global impact of fisheries.

    In Summary

  • Small-scale fisheries catch 50% of our fish
  • They make-up 90% of the fishing workforce
  • There is little information about where small-scale fishing occurs

How can I use PINboat?

There are many ways! Here are some ideas:

1) Join the movement! This is a Citizen Science network, and you have the ability to create teams within your own region

2) We have been working with K-12 instructors from San Diego Unified School District. If you would like to integrate this into your classroom, please contact us! We have ready-made lesson plans for 3rd Grade, 7th Grade, and 10th Grade science courses—these plans are also easily adaptable for other grades and subjects.

3) Want to use the platform or the data for your research or University class? Contact us and we can arrange for you to get what you need!

4) With your friends! Compete with them and see who can rack the highest number of boats and images.

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